Hello! My name is Lucia. I graduated from the KOEFIA International Fashion Academy in Rome and worked in the fashion industry for several years.

However, I eventually felt the urge to explore my skills in different ways. Back then, I was making my own clothes, and people began showing interest in my sewing projects. As a result, I decided to transform my designs into digital sewing patterns available along with detailed instructions in both English and Italian.
Now, I exclusively wear clothes I have made myself and enjoy recycling materials such as buttons, zippers, embroidery, hooks and eyes, as well as using natural, vintage, and thrifted fabrics.
My priority is to minimize waste and use as few tools as possible - in other words, only the available ones.
When starting a new project, I focus on creating timeless and wearable items and base the design on materials I already have. Moreover, I place great emphasis on quality. This creative process brings me immense joy and inspires me to innovate and create.
Thank you for visiting my website. Your support means a lot to me as I continue my creative journey.