How to sew a Bodycon Skirt - Sewing Pattern N.24

How to sew a Bodycon Skirt - Sewing Pattern N.24

What is a Bodycon Skirt?

A bodycon skirt is a form-fitting garment that hugs the curves of the body. It is typically made from stretchy fabric such as jersey with at least 10% Spandex or Elastane, and it is a popular choice for creating a sleek and stylish look.

Why Sew Your Own Bodycon Skirt?

Sewing your own bodycon skirt allows you to customize the fit and style according to your preferences. Plus, it can be a fun and rewarding sewing project that adds a unique piece to your wardrobe.

Materials Needed

Before you start sewing, gather the following materials:

  • Stretchy Knit Fabric with at least 10% of Elastane or Spandex (such as Jersey, French Terry, Ribbed Knit, etc.)
  • 4 cm wide elastic band 
  • Matching thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Regular Sewing Machine and preferable also a Serger

Step 1: Get the Sewing Pattern

You can find the sewing pattern by clicking on this link: Sewing Pattern N.24. This pattern is now available in a broader size range, and the newest version includes helpful guides to adjust the length of the skirt. The Print-at-Home version only consists of six pages, making it quick and easy to assemble. With the pattern, you will receive sewing instructions for the lined version, which may be handy if your fabric is slightly transparent.

Note that the sewing instructions that come with the pattern provide more comprehensive guidance than the following.

Step 2: Take Measurements

Start by taking your waist, hip, and desired skirt length measurements. These measurements will help you choose the right size of the skirt. 

Step 3: Print the sewing pattern and assemble it

You can print just the size you need. You can use the layered file or the new type of file I now include with the sizes saved individually, which makes possible to print just your size using any software or device as long you can set the printing scale to 100%. Once printed, the different notches on the pages edges will help you assemble the pattern quickly.  

Step 4: Prepare the Fabric

Wash and iron the fabric before cutting. This ensures that the skirt won't shrink or warp once sewed.

Step 5: Cut the Fabric

Before you cut the fabric, make sure the length of the pattern respects the desired length for your skirt, overwise use the guides on the pattern to add or subtract length. Then fold your fabric and lay the pattern on it as shown below. This way you will obtain two panels, one for the front one for the back. 

Recommended sewing pattern layout on fabric.

Step 6: Sew the Side Seams

Place the fabric pieces right sides together and pin the side seams. Sew along the pinned edges with a serger or with a regular sewing machine using a stretch stitch or a narrow zigzag stitch. 

Step-by-step photos showing how to sew the side seams of a Bodycon Pencil Skirt and how to add the elastic band to the waist.

Step 7: Add the Elastic Waistband

Measure and cut the elastic band to fit your lower waist snugly as the skirt's waist is lower than your natural waist. Overlap the ends of the elastic and sew them together securely. Divide the elastic band and skirt's waist into quarters, marking them with pins. Attach the elastic to the skirt by matching the quarters and sew it as shown above. 

Step 8: Hem the Skirt

Turn the skirt inside out and fold the bottom edge to create a hem. Pin in place and sew along the folded edge to secure the hem. In this case, I used the blind stitch as it's an elastic stitch and will allow the hem to stretch out. 

Step-by-step photos showing how to hem a Knit Bodycon Pencil Skirt.
The stitch used to hem the bodycon knit skirt.
Step-by-step photos showing how to hem a Knit Bodycon Pencil Skirt.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

Give your skirt a final press to smooth out any wrinkles. Trim any loose threads, and your bodycon skirt is ready to wear!

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