Video how I assemble my PDF sewing patterns

Video how I assemble my PDF sewing patterns

Here is a video on how I assemble my PDF patterns.

I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the patterns for best results. This software has an essential feature when dealing with pattern files with layered sizes - you can print only the size you need, saving ink and time. The Print-At-Home pattern can be printed on A4 or Letter size paper. Before you hit "Print", make sure to set the printing scale to "Actual Size" or Custom 100% - this will ensure that the pattern will be printed at the correct scale without distortion or layout changes.

Once the pattern is printed, you will see a pattern map, a size chart, and a scale test square on the first page. To ensure the pattern scale is correct, measure the scale test square. Note that if the square is larger or smaller, even a few millimeters, it can affect the fit of the garment.

You will need scissors and glue to put together the pattern pages.

When assembling the printed sheets, I prefer to complete the rows first, and I find it practical to begin by trimming the margins on the left side of the pages - skipping the rows' first page, I start immediately with the second. Then I join page by page, gluing the matching sides until all rows are finished. To complete, just join all the obtained rows together.

It's important to note that my patterns already include the necessary seam allowances, so there's no need to add any extra.
By following these steps, you'll be able to streamline the pattern assembly and proceed quickly with creating garments that fit perfectly and look great.

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