Quick printing guide

1. Download the sewing pattern to your computer.

2. Open the sewing pattern using the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader*. If you don't have this software, get the free version from Adobe's official website.
3. Once the file is open, find the Layers button on the left of the screen. Click the button to view the sizes available for your pattern.

4. Once the sizes are displayed, hide the unnecessary sizes by clicking the eye icon. Leave visible only the one you need to print (A size is visible when the eye icon is present and hidden when the eye icon is absent).

5. Print** the first page with the test square to test the scale. You can print the pattern on standard paper A4 (210 mm×297mm), Letter (8.5" ×11" or 215.9 mm×279.4 mm), or A0/A1 (Copy Shop version). Do NOT scale or 'fit to page' when printing - set the print "Size Options" on "Actual Size".

6. If the test square is correct*** - print out all the pages.

*I highly recommend updating Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC to have all features available.
**I highly recommend updating your printer software. Also, the pattern files are encrypted using the latest Adobe Acrobat software to avoid copying and editing the files by third parties.
***If the test square measurements do not print correctly despite the settings, check the printing device settings inside the OS of your PC. I highly recommend using the manufacturer driver for your printing device.

XO, Lucia

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