A flared blouse made of chiffon in a shade of ochre laid out on a gray table.

"Butterfly" blouse and challenging life events

Over the weekend, I made this beautiful blouse using deadstock fabric and one of my new sewing patterns that will be available soon. I purchased this fabric several years ago for only 5 euros. It was filled with small holes, which led the store to discard it. Instead of ending in a landfill, this fabric waited years in my fabric stock before a perfect sewing pattern turned into a blouse that I will enjoy wearing for many years to come.
This blouse and such creative processes keep reminding me, especially now that I've been going through some difficult times, that when everything seems lost and impossible to fix, taking a moment to pause and reflect it's the best thing - eventually, a solution to overcome any unexpected and challenging life events will come out.

Lucia, XOXO

A chiffon blouse with a flared shape in shades of ochre is hanging on a hanger next to paper sewing pattern pieces.
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