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Step-By-Step Guide - French Seam

This post is for those who just discovered my sewing patterns or have recently decided to dive into the sewing world, and - at some point, are wondering: how could I nicely finish the seam allowances without the overlock (serger) machine?! Who already seen my sewing instructions, already knows that I love making French seams. This seam finishing is ideal if you are working with sheer or lightweight fabrics. It might seem hard to execute, but to me, it is the easiest and the faster to make if you want your garment look professionally made, you just need to practice. So, I'm going to show how to make a French seam, once again.For the tutorial, you will need a regular...

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How to measure the sewing pattern → height, width, and the seam allowance in Adobe Reader free version

Sometimes you may have doubts about the size you picked to print out. Occasionally, I receive emails asking me about the garment measurements as some of you have difficulties in determining what size will fit better. Here is a tip on how to measure the pattern before you print. Open the sewing pattern, as usual, using the free version of Adobe Reader DC. You will need to open the Copy-Shop version (find it inside Bookmarks), then choose Tools → Measure or in the secondary toolbar, click Measuring Tool. To measure select the Distance tool  and to snap the measurement to the endpoint of a line, select Snap To Endpoints . Click the first point, move the pointer to the second point, and click again. See the below screenshots to get...

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