Sew-along - Skirt Sewing Pattern N.75 - Part 1 → How to close the dart

In this post, I'd like to show how to sew this particular dart on skirt sewing pattern N.75. It's a curved dart, unlike the standard one - it has a way to give a better shape to this skirt, as the skirt has a raised waistline and no waistband. Further down, you can see how it looks on the pattern.

The first thing to do is to mark the dart. Use an erasable marker pencil/pen and a tracing carbon paper to trace the dart on the mirrored skirt piece. Cut the dart on the pattern as shown below.

You might have already noticed that my latest sewing patterns have lettered notches, the letters will help you figure out which pieces come together with and in what way without instructions.
Once you've traced the dart, start sewing it - first join the segments C→D, align them, and pin the fabric so it won't move while stitching, start from the fabric edge and backstitch on both sides of the stitch, see the photos.

When done, pinch the dart point/end and move the fabric so the bottom part of the dart has the segments aligned, pin the fabric and stitch from point D to the end of the dart, remember to backstitch on both sides of the stitch.

Now press the dart to one side. Usually, the front darts must be pressed towards the side seams, left dart to the left side, and right dart to the right side. The back darts, left and right, must be pressed towards the center back.

If you have any other sewing methods for this dart or you have questions, just let me know.