The new Pattern file - what's in.

You might have already noticed, the last week I skipped the blog post - I'll try to make it up with this week's post.
So today's post is not on how to sew something - in this one, I'll try to make an introduction to the new pattern file. You already know that when you purchase my sewing patterns on Etsy - you receive from 4 to 5 .pdf files per sewing pattern. Now, the new sewing patterns will come in one single file - you will still have the 4 or 5 separate files on Etsy, but when you purchase a pattern on my web site you get only one file per sewing pattern which includes: printing instructions, pattern layout, sewing instructions, Layered Print-at-Home sewing pattern, and Layered Copy-Shop version. And if you think it's a tremendous .zip file, don't worry - it's NOT, you don't have to unzip anything - it is just a .pdf file with Bookmarks, Links, and Layers - simple and easy to browse through. See the following screenshot to get an idea.

I have my computer set to the Italian language, so the software text on the screenshots you'll see here is in Italian - but the pattern file you get, the instructions inside are in English and Italian.

Once you've opened the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader free version, you should be able to see the Bookmarks (Segnalibri in Italian) on your left. There are three main Bookmarks: Instructions, Sewing Pattern Print-At-Home version, and Sewing Pattern Copy-Shop Version. The Instructions contain other sub-Bookmarks, as you can see from the following screenshot, they are all clickable - so you can get quickly to the page you need.

On the first page, you'll find the size chart, the fabric suggestions, and the tools you'll need for sewing this garment.

On page Contents, you will find a brief outline of the sewing steps, the pattern pages (from-to), and clickable links that will help you get through the file without scrolling up and down.

Sewing Instructions Contents

Further down, you can see the printing instructions - left side of the page in English and right side in Italian. As you noticed, I've abandoned the symbols - my ill-conceived project, I thought it'd be fun - apparently, it was not. I will re-edit during this year all the old sewing instructions and will eliminate for good all the symbols from my files. Just be patient, I work alone and it will take me a lot of time.

Sewing Pattern - How to print

Here you can see the suggested layout of the sewing pattern on the fabric.

Sewing Pattern Layout on fabric

Next - the sewing steps. The instructions are short and intuitive. The photos and the pictures will help you to put together easily all the garment's parts.
And in case you find any grammatical mistakes, please bear with me - I'm not a native English speaker, and I bet you've already figured it out.

Sewing Steps

I have also added the conversion chart from centimeters to decimal and fractional inches.

Sewing convertional chart centimeters to inches

And finally, the sewing patterns. First comes the Print-at-Home version, and at the end the Copy-Shop version. The patterns have layered sizes, exactly as previous files - just find and click the Layers button and then select the pattern version you want to print - and when you print, just be careful to not print the entire file - you can find on page Contents the pages to be printed for each pattern version. 

Sewing Pattern / Cartamodelli

pdf sewing pattern / cartamodello pdf

sewing pattern A0 cartamodello

That's it. If you have any suggestions just let me know. And in case you have any difficulties printing the pattern or maybe prefer the old stand-alone pattern version, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me - I'll get back to you as soon as I can.