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New Sewing Instructions for N.32 - Asymmetric Shirt

Many of you will have already noticed that I no longer use symbols in my sewing instructions - this applies to the new sewing patterns, but I'll gradually update the old ones, and some will be published here on this blog. So, here're the new sewing instructions for N.32 - Dropped shoulder cotton Shirt with wide neckline, Asymmetric Collar, and oblique button Placket:  Step 1 Join the shoulder seams. Make a French seam. Instead of the French seam, you can make a regular straight stitch at 1,5 cm from the edge, then finish the raw edge with a zig-zag stitch or a serger/overlocker.    Step 2  Join the collar P4 to the neckline of the shirt. As shown alongside, fold...

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New Sewing Instructions for N.7 - Knit mini Blazer

I have recently updated the sewing instructions for the sewing pattern N.7, so I decided to insert the sewing steps in this blog post, especially for those who purchased the pattern before September 2020. Step 1 Join the center back seams (segment X→Y) of the two front pieces P1. Make a straight stitch with a regular sewing machine at 0,7 cm from the raw edge. Press the seam open. Step 2 On the previously joined together two front pieces P1, make a small cut almost up to the seam allowance into the corners with notch S. Then, join them to the back piece P3. Align the notches and center back. Make a straight stitch with a regular sewing machine at 0,7...

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Sew-along → Part 2 - Sewing the pocket on Skirt Sewing Pattern N.75

In today's post, I'd like to show how to sew the pockets on the skirt - Sewing Pattern N.75. Some may have difficulties with the curved part of the pocket - and here's a tip that may help you sew it easily in a few steps.  Firstly, double fold the upper raw edge of the pocket - 1st at 1 cm or 3/8" and 2nd at 3 cm or 1,18", and stitch as shown below. Before continuing, you can finish the raw edges with a serger or sewing machine with stitches similar to a serger. Now set the machine to a long regular stitch and make a stitch on the pocket's curved part at circa 5 mm (1/8" would be fine...

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