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The sewing pattern file - what's inside

After several attempts to make the pattern file easy to understand and use, here is the final file.   Once you've downloaded the pattern file to your computer, open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The app is FREE, and you can download it from the official website here - if you open the file using a different app, you may not see the pattern files in the Attachments. If you don't want to download and use the Adobe app to open my patterns, I appreciate your interest in my designs, but you should consider not buying my sewing patterns. Don't get me wrong - you know that when you have an XLSX file to open, you'll use Excel and not Word....

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New Sewing Instructions for N.32 - Asymmetric Shirt

Many of you will have already noticed that I no longer use symbols in my sewing instructions - this applies to the new sewing patterns, but I'll gradually update the old ones, and some will be published here on this blog. So, here're the new sewing instructions for N.32 - Dropped shoulder cotton Shirt with wide neckline, Asymmetric Collar, and oblique button Placket:  Step 1 Join the shoulder seams. Make a French seam. Instead of the French seam, you can make a regular straight stitch at 1,5 cm from the edge, then finish the raw edge with a zig-zag stitch or a serger/overlocker.    Step 2  Join the collar P4 to the neckline of the shirt. As shown alongside, fold...

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